Hospitality Scheduling

I really try to work out the schedule with some things in mind. For example,

  1. minimum travel distances in January and reasonable travel distances the other months.
  2. dining with maximum number of different folks
  3. no more than twice with any one participant (other than spouses of course)

I’m sure there is a simpler way, but my system as it has evolved is illustrated below.

So, if you see some problem or oversight, please just forgive me and proceed to enjoy.

2022 Schedule Password Protected

There is a tab on this website for the 2022 schedule and contact information. There is nothing there now, but I will post it late in December, probably right after Christmas. It is password protected, and I will send all participants the password in a separate personal email when I post the information

Of course I will send hard copies of the schedule and contact information to any of you who tell me you need that in addition to or instead of the posting on the website.


2022 Scheduling in Progress

Good Participation This Year

We have 24 homes signed up to host which means we will have six dinner events each month for four months. Of the 24, ten are first time participants and several are new parishioners at St. Peter’s. So there will be plenty of opportunities to share stories and get acquainted. We also have a dozen substitutes signed up, folks who want to participate but are not able to host this year. I intend to assign them all once. Other participation will depend on hosts needing someone to fill in for an unavailable participant or perhaps just having an extra seat at the table.

Participant Map

We cover a lot of territory, 56 miles from Roche to Brown. For January dinners, I will focus on geographic groups to minimize travel in the dark. We might even have a snow or ice storm! That focus will diminish, but not disappear entirely, as we proceed through Feb, Mar, and Apr. We need more participants in the Newberry area. I’ll schedule that Newberry event in April so the travel will all be in daylight. Beautiful view of the lake there, and a nice country drive to get there.

Double-checking/Confirming Today

Today I am sending an email to all participants just asking for quick confirmation of the signup and making sure I have the email addresses correct. Please do a quick reply just letting me know that you are signed up and that you got the email.

I will distribute the schedule right after December 25th.