Error on Website

I’m sorry the Hospitality St Peters 2020 schedule I had posted on the website was in error with the top two rows omitted. I corrected that this evening and sent all an email explaining what happened. I wish I could explain exactly why it happened! If you have been using the schedule information I emailed on December 25th, that was correct.


Signups for 2020 Good; Deadline Now Dec 15th

We are getting lots of participants for Hospitality St. Peters 2020. The deadline for signup has been moved from Dec 22 to Dec 15 to allow more time to prepare the schedule which will be out no later than December 31. We have six first time Hosts so there will be lots of new opportunities to meet parishioners. Thanks for your participation.

Darryl, Hospitality St. Peters Coordinator

Past Participants

You may be wondering who has been participating in Hospitality St. Peter’s (Suppers of Eight.) Here is a list of just last names from the past five years. See somebody with whom you want to share a casual meal and get better acquainted? Sign up!

Babuin,   Bartow, Beidel, Bernard, Binns-                      Hughes, Bon, Brabham, Brooks, Callahan,
Carbone, Carr, Carroll, Crockett, Cullen,
Doherty, Ewing, Fetner, Fowlkes, Frederick,
Fryml, Galens, Gandolfo, Gareau, Gatti,
Gray, Gregory, Griffin, Hendershot, Hero,
Hill, Hodgens, Howard, Kogut, LaHatte,
Linsky,  Lockyear, Lupo, Mahon, McGrath,
McLetchie, Metrick, Moellering,
Montgomery, Moran, Morrison, Neglia,
Nickel, Penso, Phillips, Putnam, Roche,
Rummel, Ruzzin, Saleeby, Seurynck,
Smiggen, Smoak, Stephens, Stetar, Swaim,
Taylor, Ugino, West, Williams, Young