Susan Bon – Flexibility Pays

Susan Bon was scheduled to host in February but calendar conflicts made that impossible. She didn’t give up. She just scheduled her hosting in April and ended up with a crowd of six converts to the Catholic faith. Susan on the left, Father Linsky next, Alison and Wes Levitt standing in the back, Leslie and Chris Moellering seated.

Hospitality at the Gatti Home

Left to right are Susan Bon, Katharine Presty, Dave and Connie Parker Gatti, Leigh Anne and Ben Droisen. I think this must be the eighth year for the Gattis to host.

And Connie sent a bonus photo, Dave’s car. I don’t guess we will be seeing that one in the Basilica parking lot anytime soon. Looks like Connie skipped the trip to see the car. Dave, is that a Duesenberg? (Looking for an answer from Dave.)