Photos: The Inspiration

Hospitality 2023 Photos

Rummel’s win the January Size Prize for squeezing in ten. David, Lesley, Ryan, Sherry, Fr. Linsky, Pat, Elaine, Maria, Kevin, and Mary Gay serving as photographer. Her seat must be between Pat and Elaine. The more the merrier…up to a point.

Barbara, Father Dennis, Karen, David, Greg, Jim, and Janice. Connie was the photographer. (At the Gatti home.)

Brian, Deborah, Beth, Ryan, Sharon, Leigh Anne, and Ben. (At the Griffin home.)

Al, Edna, Willy, Suzanne, Leslie, and Chris. (At the Wilcenski home.)

Fr. Linsky, Maria, Katharine, Rich, Steve, Susan, and Evelyn (At the Bonn home.)

Hospitality 2022 Shots

Bobbie Culbertson and Steve Andersen vacationing on Edisto Beach hosted friends including BOSP parishioner Ted King. Bobbie is the photographer.
Janice Cullen, Evelyn Abernathy, Mary Gay Rummel, Maria Smoak, and Diane Babuin
David Rummel, Paul Moran, Jim Cullen, and Richard Abernathy
Front to back, Willy and Suzanne Alpizar, Steve Tuel and Katharine Presty, Beth Griffin, Cathy Saleeby, and Marilyn Montgomery. Father Linsky was there but departed before the camera came out.

Left to right, Edna Willcenski, Mary Gay Rummel, Ted King, David Rummel, Tom Jackman, Julie Jackman, and Al Wilcenski. Edna reports, “We enjoyed the evening very much!

Susan Bon was scheduled to host in February but calendar conflicts made that impossible. She didn’t give up. She just scheduled her hosting in April and ended up with a crowd of six converts to the Catholic faith. Susan on the left, Father Linsky next, Alison and Wes Levitt standing in the back, Leslie and Chris Moellering seated.

And Connie sent a bonus photo, Dave Gatti’s car. I don’t guess we will be seeing that one in the Basilica parking lot anytime soon. 
Left to right are Susan Bon, Katharine Presty, Dave and Connie Parker Gatti, Leigh Anne and Ben Droisen. I think this must be the eighth year for the Gattis to host.
Left to right are Leslie and Chris Moellering, Maria Smoak, Alison and Wes Levitt, and Steve Andersen, hostess Bobbie Culbertson Andersen serving as photographer. 
Chris & Leslie Moellering, Janice & Jim Cullen, Sharon Gaskin, Steve Tuel, and Katharine Presty (Ryan Gaskin photographing)
Patrick Hennessey, Elaine Williams, Al & Edna Wilcenski, Mike & Barbara Remack, Jimmy & Andrea Roche, & Beth Dinndorf
Left to right, Beth Griffin, Mariana Flores, Beth Dinndorf, John Donato, Barbara Kelly, Becky and Matt Morrison.
Connie and Dave Gatti, Wes and Alison Levitt, Susan Bon, and Ted King.
Starting at this end of the table and going counter clockwise: Ryan and Sharon Gaskin, Richard and Evelyn Abernathy, Jim and Janice Cullen, Maria Smoak, and empty chair of Lora Shortt who was serving as photographer.
DeSumma Saturday Brunch: Mike DeSumma, Diane Babuin, Allyson DeSumma, Kimberly and Paul Brown, Father Linsky, Cathy Saleeby, Paul Moran (Diane and Paul go together)

Paul Brown, Steve and Bobbie Culbertson Andersen, Connie Parker and Dave Gatti, Suzanne and Willy Alpizar, Kimberly Brown, Matt and Becky Morrison
David and Mary Gay Rummel, Beth Griffin, Ted King (Host), Brenda Waites, Andrea and Jimmy Roche


Thanks to Kimberly for sending this photo. Left to right are Wes and Alison Levitt, Kimberly and Paul Brown, Beth Griffin (Hostess), Barbara Kelly, and Sharon and Ryan Gaskin.

Photos from 2020

Hospitality St. Peters 2020 is off and running, and I just received my first group photo. I don’t know if this is before or after the feast but everybody looks happy so they probably just ate.

The photos will help meet the objective of getting to know each other better!

And these from the Donato Dinner.

Dinner with Connie and Dave Gatti. Left to right Chris King, Starr Wolfe, Matt Morrison, Dave Gatti, Ted King, Marilyn Montgomery, and Becky Morrison. Connie Gatti was the photographer.

And here is another shot from the Gattis. Looks like Dave lost some weight.

Lots of Clean Plate Club folks here…unless somebody just forgot to bring the food. Left to right are Diane Babuin (husband Paul Moran probably taking the photo), Fr. Fryml, Mary Gay and David Rummel, Elaine Williams, and Patrick Hennessey.

Happy Face, Empty-Plate Club members, Leslie Moellering, Karen Beidel, Greg Carbone, Joe Simpson, Tammy Simpson, and Beth Franco. Look closely and you will see the reflection of photographer Chris Moellering in the glass window at upper left.

Bobbi Culbertson, Kathleen Fowlkes, Ted and Chris King, Cathy Saleeby, and photographer/chef Steve in the kitchen.

John and Cecelia Donato, Fr. Fryml, Karen Williams, Marilyn Montgomery, Connie Parker and Dave Gatti getting ready to fill their plates at the Williams residence Sunday evening. Darryl taking the photo, of course.

Andrea Roche, Becky Morrison, Mary Gay Rummel, Barb Kogut, Larry Kogut, Jimmy Roche, and Matt Morrison. I’m guessing David Rummel is the photographer. Koguts were hosting this gathering.

Photos from 2019 (Scroll Down for 2018)

May 17, probably last Hospitality Supper of the 2019 season, at the Williams home (making up for missing the February event). Left to right Karen, Diane, Becky, Matt, Debbie, Cathy, Paul (Diane’s husband), and Ted. Darryl taking the picture. We have so many empty plate and desert photos, we made special effort to get a full plate shot. We hope all and more will sign up for 2020, year of perfect vision. Signups will begin about December 1.

Hospitality at the Seuryncks. Left to right, Angie Gregory, Connie Parker (Gatti), Joanne Metrick, Karen Beidel, Connie Seurynck, Greg Carbone, Dave Gatti (with banana pudding), and Jack Seurynck.

Hospitality at Jimmy and Andrea Roche home on Lake Murray, empty plate status. Left to right, Jimmy, Billy and Marilyn Gray, Joanne Young, Andrea, Darryl and Karen Williams, Chris Young.

Mary Gay and David Rummel, Joanne Metrick, Matt and Becky Morrison at Cathy Saleeby’s home. That is Cathy’s plate in the foreground I guess.

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 5.09.12 PM

Rummel Hospitality. Fourth year! Huey & Kathy Locklear, Steve and Bobbie Andersen, Janice and Jim Cullen, and David and Mary Gay Rummel.

Left to right, at the Neglia home: Bill Neglia, Paul Moran, Mary Gay Rummel, David Rummel, Dianne Neglia, Maria Smoak, Paul Moran, Mary Gay Rummel, David Rummel, Dianne Neglia.  Paul’s wife, Diane Babuin was unable to be present. Large group!

Beth Griffin Host and Photographer: Allison McLetchie, Chris Moellering, Leslie Moellering, Joanne Metrick, Marianne Hill, Stan Hill

Greg Carbone and Karen Beidel Hosting: Left to Right Around Table: Greg Carbone, Bill Neglia, Dianne Neglia, Blake Stephens, Karen Beidel, Karen Williams, Darryl’s Empty Chair

Susan Bon Hosting: Matt Morrison, Becky Wych Morrison, Connie Seurynck, Paul Bartow, Jack Seurynck, Susan Bon

March/April 2018 Photos (Scroll Down for Jan and Feb)

April 27th at Susan Bon’s. Darryl, Karen, David, Mary Gay, Susan, Fr. Fryml, Jen, Fr. Linsky. Corey McGrath taking the photo.

Mary Gay divvying up dessert.

March 18th at Williams’s: Chip Lupo, Heather Hodgens, Maria Smoak, Karen, Darryl, Beverly Swaim, Connie and Jack Seurynck

March 17th at the Rummels: Dave and Connie Gatti, Greg Carbone and Karen Beidel, Father Fryml, and David and Mary Gay Rummel.

February 2018 Photos (Scroll down for more.)

At the home of Maria Smoak.

Barb and Larry Kogut, Mike and Robin Carroll, Maria, David and Mary Gay Rummel, and Father Linsky (at the foot of the table).

At the Gregorys:

Hosts Angie and Tom
Maureen (Tom’s Mom), Tom, Darryl, Joanne, Angie, Debbi, Ted, and Karen
Friday Fish and Chips by Chef Tom

At the Saleeby home:

Mary, Heather, Chip, Bobbi, Debra, Steve, Paul and Pat

IMG_0416 (1)

Who is this? I don’t recognize her.

January 2018 Photos (Scroll down for more.)

Here is the first photo submitted by Ted and Debbie Fetner for January 19th gathering. Left to right are Joanne Metrick, Maria Smoak, Ted, Debbie, Jen Penso, Paul Bartow (USC Graduate Student), and Pedro Penso. Thanks Ted and Debbie for the photo.

And below at the Gandolfo home on Saturday evening Jan 20th. Left to right are Pat Callahan, Mary Callahan, Father Fryml, Mary Gandolfo, John Gandolfo, Father Linsky, David Rummel, Karen Williams, Darryl Williams’s seat, and Mary Gay Rummel.

And here is Mary getting acquainted with Sydney Gandolfo.

From the Andersen home on January 28th. Left to right, Steve Andersen, Kathleen Fowlkes, Joanne Young, Greg Carbone, Karen Beidel, and Father Fryml. Bobbi behind the camera I guess. Kathleen didn’t sign up but looks like she is a very close neighbor of the Andersens so that paid dividends. Thanks for sending in the photo Bobbi.

And below is a photo from three years ago: Jason and Celia Galens, Barb and Larry Kogut, and Karen Williams at the home of Pat and Mary Callahan. (Darryl taking the picture)


Just found another old photo from three years ago. Karen, Celia, David, Mary Gay, Jason, Cory, and Vincent.