Hospitality at the Gatti Home

Left to right are Susan Bon, Katharine Presty, Dave and Connie Parker Gatti, Leigh Anne and Ben Droisen. I think this must be the eighth year for the Gattis to host.

And Connie sent a bonus photo, Dave’s car. I don’t guess we will be seeing that one in the Basilica parking lot anytime soon. Looks like Connie skipped the trip to see the car. Dave, is that a Duesenberg? (Looking for an answer from Dave.)

2 thoughts on “Hospitality at the Gatti Home

  1. Connie Parker Gatti

    It is a 1935 reproduction of an Auburn. Same company as the Duesenberg. Dave will probably correct me on all this. When it is running, he drives it to mass. Antique cars stay in the shop more than they stay in our garage.


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