February 2022 Events

Paul Brown, Steve and Bobbie Culbertson Andersen, Connie Parker and Dave Gatti, Suzanne and Willy Alpizar, Kimberly Brown, Matt and Becky Morrison

Paul and Kimberly hosted a larger than normal group. Looks like everybody was happy. Big table, ten parishioners, and four wine bottles!

David and Mary Gay Rummel, Beth Griffin, Ted King (Host), Brenda Waites, Andrea and Jimmy Roche

That is a planned and well-posed photo! Congratulations! Brenda Waites is a family friend of Ted and Chris and was helping out with the meal and hosting. Looks like she fits right in.

One thought on “February 2022 Events

  1. Connie Parker Gatti

    Kimberly and Paul know how to throw a party. It was a wonderful evening of delicious food, great wine and wonderful Christian fellowship. These gatherings mean so much to us. It gives an opportunity to meet others in the parish. Thanks for arranging these.
    Connie Parker Gatti


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