2020 Plan

So far 24 hosting participants are signed up for 2020, and there are still a few days before the December 15th deadline.  After December 15th, the schedule will be prepared and distributed and published on this page.

The schedule will be names only, no addresses or contact information, so don’t worry about your confidential information being posted. First time participants, still wondering how this works, can scroll down on this page, to see the schedule for 2019. The 2020 schedule will look the same but scrambled as much as possible to have people going to different homes and eating with different folks.

For now, here are names only of those who are signed up for 2020. Six new participants! Please join us no later than December 15th. If you signed up (or tried to sign up or wanted to sign up) but don’t see your name(s) here, send me an email. (dkwilliams2007@gmail.com)

Sign-ups so far for 2020

Steve & Bobbi Andersen
Susan Bon
Kaitlyn Braza
Debra Brooks
Greg Carbone & Karen Beidel
Jim & Janice Cullen
Dave & Connie Gatti
Beth griffin
Patrick Hennessey & Elaine Williams
Stan & Marianne Hill
Chris & Ted King
Barb & Larry Kogut
Dalays & Gabriel Lantigua
Kathy Locklear
Joanne Metrick
Chris & Leslie Moellering
Marilyn Montgomery
Paul Moran & Diane Babuin
Becky & Matt Morrison
Katharine Presty & Steve Tuel
Andrea & Jimmy Roche
Mary Gay & David Rummel
Catherine Renard Saleeby
Connie & Jack Seurynck
Joe & Tammy Simpson
Maria Smoak
Darryl & Karen Williams
Chris & Joanne Young


And here is last year’s schedule.