Past Participants

You may be wondering who has been participating in Hospitality St. Peter’s (Suppers of Eight.) Here is a list of just last names from the past five years. See somebody with whom you want to share a casual meal and get better acquainted? Sign up!

Babuin,   Bartow, Beidel, Bernard, Binns-                      Hughes, Bon, Brabham, Brooks, Callahan,
Carbone, Carr, Carroll, Crockett, Cullen,
Doherty, Ewing, Fetner, Fowlkes, Frederick,
Fryml, Galens, Gandolfo, Gareau, Gatti,
Gray, Gregory, Griffin, Hendershot, Hero,
Hill, Hodgens, Howard, Kogut, LaHatte,
Linsky,  Lockyear, Lupo, Mahon, McGrath,
McLetchie, Metrick, Moellering,
Montgomery, Moran, Morrison, Neglia,
Nickel, Penso, Phillips, Putnam, Roche,
Rummel, Ruzzin, Saleeby, Seurynck,
Smiggen, Smoak, Stephens, Stetar, Swaim,
Taylor, Ugino, West, Williams, Young

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